Physical Culture (or Physie as it is fondly known) is a dance sport for girls and women from ages 3 to 83. Physie is a fusion of dance and exercise which is designed to help build confidence, strength and fitness and must of all it's fun! For more information check out www.physicalculture.com.au.


Physie offers both individual and team competitions (which are all optional) and is a great way to make new friends and stay fit. There are many different codes of Physical Culture, however BJP has been operating in Australia for over 130 years! There are BJP Physical Culture Clubs all over Australia and Darwin Physie is the only club in the NT!

Since Darwin Physie started operating in 2021, we have had members represent the club in local, state and national competitions!


Darwin Physie is a registered Activity Provider for the NT Sports Voucher Scheme. Vouchers can be used for class fees and club uniforms.